SySsy User Manual

Important recommendations

How to use


Before using our application, you need to be registered. After the registration, an e-mail will be send to confirm your inscription and assign a personal login. You must conserve this login, it will be used for each connection.

Home Page

After your connection, you will get in your home page. In this page, you can change your personal informations, excepted the login, see your previous results or launch a new request.

Launch a new request

Before launching your request, you must choose a plan and a symbol to detect. A list of images is offered, but you can upload your own images. To upload an image, click on "choose a plan" or "choose a symbol", select your image, then click on the "upload" button below. Once you are selected the images, you can launch the computation with the "Launch Spotting" button. A progress bar will be displayed to follow the computation progress.

See your results

When the computation is complete, you can see the results. The detected symbols are framed by a rectangle. You can change the symbol detection threshold. A lower value detects more symbols, but can cause false positive. The results are automatically stored in our database, and you can see them from your home page. But you can also download the results in two formats : an image, or a list of coordinates in csv format, representing the detected areas. Please not the downloaded results are only available for the current threshold value.